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Powerful Love Spells

Love is an emotional feeling that sometimes comes easily but sometimes it might need a little boost like casting instant powerful love spells. Love spells assist in times when you feel heart broken or maybe even if you need to win ones heart.


However you might be consumed with negative thoughts of what your lover might have done that your’e not even willing to forgive, but know this from today. Before you cast any love spell, you need to relive yourself from any negative emotions, speak your mind out clearly and resolve the problem more effectively.

So how do Powerful Love Spells Work

There are quite a number of things needed to have a successful love spell being cast.


1 –  The proper planetary moon phase ……  There are four phases of the moon.


New Moon:- This moon phase is used to rid of things like bad luck.


Waxing Moon:- This is the most asked spell and it has helped many people overcome financial difficulties.  This money spell helps to increase your chances of getting rich, clearing  debts, getting loans. To learn more about money spells or to order a money spell click here now …….


Full Moon:- This is the love spell used to bring back lost lovers, unite loved ones, solve divorce problems and all love related issues. 


Waning Moon:- This fourth moon phase is chasing away evil spirits, bad luck  or making any enemy slander away without hurting you. 


Each of these listed moon phases has 7 days which we use when casting love or money spells that is why these planetary moon phases play an important role in achieving a successful spell.


2 – Your belief in magical spells …. trust me you must have faith n hope in magic because if you don’t how do you expect it to work? You will have to be patient. i receive many emails daily from new clients asking how questions like how can we trust you? Others say send us the spell first to see it it works then we will pay! That’s not how we cast spell. if you don’t believe in the Occult and magic then saty away from it and hustle the hard way.


3 – Your mental state ….. This is also very important while casting spells. if your’e intending to cast a powerful love spell, you must have feelings for that person as well not running after their money others wise the spell will not manifest. what am trying to say here is that you be angry or depressed when doing a love spell. Your mind must be in sync with the love spell and also have no doubts. but if you come with an intention of just trying to see if it works trust me you will get no results.


4 – The proper materials… Powerful love spells  require certain rituals to be performed. we shall use certain herbs, colored candles depending on the problem to be solved, oils, either a white or black plain cloth depending on the love spell to be cast. And most important any commitments done must be from the bottom of your heart because this will realize you from any emotional stress.



5 – An experienced spell caster…  Whoever will be casting the spell must have experience with spells. many of you think that you will google how to cast spells and have it done on your own. it doesn’t work that way. one must study and have an experience on all asepts of the occult or else the love spell will fade off within a short time hence leaving you heart broken.


6 – Lastly the will of the universe …. Many of my clients ask! John how long will it take? My answer is plain and simple … This is up to the universe as to when it will manifest. sometimes it takes 4 days the longest is a week. There are many times i have casted  spells and at the end of the week i have no quick results but while busy doing other stuff POOF! it happens. So my advice is when you contact me for assistance dont rush me please have faith in my work i will do whatever it takes.


Positive thinking = Positive Outcome


Please Note results vary person to person and this depends on how much time you are willing to invest in spell casting. Use of my advice or spells is done at your own Risk! I shall not guarantee results to appear in a day. you must be patient while casting Spells.


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Powerful Spell to bring back lost lovers


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Purchase 6 candles, ie:- Red, Green Yellow, Blue and two Pink candles.

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